1994 the Odyssey of... JSF

JSF 1994 celebrated the 25th edition , and Greece participated for the second time in raw. ERT accepted the request of the mayor of Poros to host the greek heat in Poros, because the team of Poros the previous year (1993) had the best result for Greece, finishing in Italy and in the final of Czech Republic in fourth place!


The theme of the Greek show was the adventures of Odysseus. Presenters of the show were Daphne Bokota in the role of the goddess Athena and Philip Sofianos in the role of god Hermes. The recording of the show was on July 30, 1994 and broadcasted by ET1 (Greek national television) on September 8, 1994 at 21:45 pm. The games took place at Naval Base Resource of Poros (photo left).For the first time in the history of the JSF 9 countries took part and that's a record! In the greek show of Poros took part the following teams : Switzerland - BASSA MEZOLCINA, Italy - COMACCHIO, Malta - SLIEMA, Wales - PONTYPRIDD, Hungary - SATORALJAUHELYI, Portugal - AGUEDA, Slovenia - PODCETRTEK, Czech Republic - LIPNICE NAD SAZAVOU & from Greece the team of Poros . The first place won by Portugal, Italy finished second and in third place won by Czech Republic. Poros finished in fourth position and qualified for second consecutive International Final. The final scoreboard is on the left side of this page.

The greek show in Poros is a remembered show for JSF and still is in the memory of those who participated! The reason is that the show ended at 06:45 this morning! It was a real odyssey as was the theme of the show! The italian presenter, Ettore Andenna, said that they used blue filters to make believe that was night while in Poros island the sun rose! However, the show in Poros was a unique organization by ERT according the games and constructions! A spectacular show!

The greek presenter of JSF Daphne Bokota in the interview she gave us for the JSF DAY 2010 said:

"... We started started at 6 pm and finished at 7 in the morning after a thousand problems. Fortunately was the great Greek time. We had problems with the constructions of the games. They broke down, the electrical had problems and a small wavelet took over the platforms of the games which were at the sea. Was a unique production , very spectacular and very nice picture despite of our troubles. The positive was that in the tv - screens nothing appeared of the troubles . But no one has forgotten Poros . Even now when i talk with my colleagues we make a reference to Poros. All troubles were forgotten and we have a memory of how good time we had, how beautiful the island is and how great is the Greek hospitality ... " Read the entire interview of Daphne Bokota here (greek)

To JSFnet Greece presents you with english subtitles an extract tribute from the Italian TV about JSF and the reference to the 1994 Greek Organization from the Italian presenter Ettore Andenna. JSfnet Greece would like to thank Speranza Luca for translating the video and Christos Moustakas for his help.