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Article from the magazine Mengšan: glasilo KS Mengeš

JSFnet GREECE, presents, the article from the slovenian magazine about JSF 1994 and the memories of the teamof Menges.

Jeux Sans Frontieres 1994
The town of Menges in Malta

The island of Malta is becoming more attractive to visitors from around the world. This summer, however, the Maltese, descendants of the British, are promising a rich season concerning the organization of Jeux Sans Frontieres, involving nine European countries.

Participation in JSF in Malta is a dream that come true for the city of Menges. In the invitation, many young boys and girls wanted to participate. In order to take part in the team they should have good physical abilities and skills. Five girls and five boys were selected for the team and began preparing for some months. Swimming, climbing rope, trampoline and many other exercises were their daily workouts. We wanted strengthen the team with professional athletes.
For Menges this participation was taken very seriously. But there wasn’t money, as in other cities. The manager group of Menges for JSF found the way to suport the team. Zupan Janez and secretary Martin Ogrinc, visited local businesses and merchants to persuade them to grant the group. . They said: 'In order to become known Menges and Slovenia across Europe! ", And they succeeded. Above all we thank Ms. Vida Marcljan, director of FFLC Menges, for the main sponsorship of our team.
Training and improving the physical conditions continued in the coming days after a weekend escapade in Ajdovščina. Team members were aware of the responsibility for representing the city. In such a long journey  it is always nice to have company. So the team Menges decided to have a mascot. Ten days before departure, they gave a name. Everyone said, 'We must call it Mengo!' The decision taken and Mengo traveled with them to Malta for the joy and glory!
By bus we arrived in Trieste and from there by plane to Malta via Rome. A caravan of nineteen people from Menges to a new adventure. Players, representatives of the city, reporters and photographers. At the custom we didn’t get the best impression, although the staff were very polite with us. Then a pleasant welcome by the Maltese authorities. Girls dressed in traditional costumes gave us carnations and after they took photos for our accreditations. At the end the team was photographed with a little Maltese boy. Boarding on the bus with typical driving on the left.
With a weather each day more and more hot, we started the rehearsals on Wednesday . On Thursday, the heat was unbearable even though most of the games were in water. Changes were made in several games by the organizers after the first rehearsals.
The supporters of Menges had a good spot in the stands with great views of the scene of the games. The scene was the typical Maltese walls made by stone of Malta, while in front were three pools. The games and the rules have already been presented by our magazine so we do not need to mention again. All the games were quite difficult for the players and teams in general. Competitors wore suits (long skirts, etc.) and they had to overcome obstacles in every game. But it's better not to reveal more. WeI leave you in agony to watch the show on TV at a Sunday evening in August.

The scoreboard was:

1st place: Wales
1st place: Portugal
3rd place: Czech Republic
4th place: Slovenia
5th place: Switzerland
6th place: Hungary
7th place: Italy
8th place: Greece
9th place: Malta

Matej Pajnic:
Nightlife lasted 24 hours,a day. Although the program was quite tight, we found some time for fun. We did well in the ninth game, the joker, we were the best and got the most points for the team. I'm happy.

Fredi Blejc:
In the rehearsal, the climbing on the wall went well, but not in the final night. My sister climbed on boys and I tried to help her by pushing down. In the peak the acceleration was easier. In Malta I didnt tried the souI with roasted potatoes. I'm sure we were the best team.

Slavko Pisek:
The rehearsal generally wasn’t very good and we had bad grades. But according to the physical and psychological preparation, we expect one of the first 6 positions. Congratulations to Sonja and Majda with their synchronization in the last game, we came third with 14 points. With the boys we played in many games (four). Thanks to our coach for the proper preparation and also in charge of the mission of Menges.

Jana Jenc:
I replaced an injured player, so I was only in 5 games. The biggest problem was the costumes. I liked most the beginning and the end. Our participation in such an event was amazing, it filled us with experiences. Unusual for me. Cameras, lights, supporters. Our mascot had a great success. Some even asked us to buy it.

Nina Kravanja:
In the rehearsal I was injured in the third game but nevertheless I stayed until the end. Then I had to go to hospital because I could not stand on my leg. On Thursday, I expected it with agony to let me go back at least as a spectator. I watched the fourth game. With the team we were very close.

Majda Zun:
Each group could be based on something else that resulted in a good atmosphere.I tried for the best in all games. Almost everyone had little injuries but we were dealt with them at the end of games. I was terrified before the final game, realizing that the points are doubled. Experiences and impressions for once in a life.

Mojca Likar:
The locals were very friendly but the organization had some problems. Long delays, and we waited two hours. The strange was the obligation to pay for a ticket to enter . The atmosphere in the stands were very nice and at the games I helped the team to wear their suits. The result was very good according the difficulty of the games.

Franc Jeric:
From the first moment we arrived in Malta, every coach would wish to have a team like this. Menges team showed what it means to be a true team. Although we had the worst result in rehearsal, I never doubted that the players could get a good position. Finally, the fourth place was not bad at all. I hope that the people of Menges will be pleased when they watch the show on August 20. To oversee a team as a leader is not as difficult as participation in the games. . There is nervousness, and you can not do anything to help. The team relies on each player. I thank the participants who gave life to this idea.. I thank the city of Menges and sponsors who helped us to get this so far. I would like to continue to fight together in Slovenia. I hope to continue working well!

Matjaz Loboda:
It was fantastic! The atmosphere was very nice. The only thing that was annoying was that the Maltese wasn’t good with time .... a disaster. The scenery was beautiful, very warm audience. At first I was very anxious when I had to go for my first game mainly because of the responsibility we have towards our city but was something that we have accepted.

Vida Marcijan (sponsor)
It was definitely a positive decision of those who decided on a low cost, successful promotion of Menges in Slovenia and abroad. Slovenia should participate in several competitions like this because yet we are not so well known as a country. The games were exciting and stressful together. I would like to thank Franc Jeric for his work in the team and I congratulate all the players. I would like to continue to offer anything in order to make Menges known.

Janez Per (Mayor Meng)
The participation of Menges in JSF is a nice way to make known Slovenia in the world. Along with eight European countries we took part in this event, which requires good physical condition, and also clear mind. I believe that athletes represented our national colors very well and left the best impression on all participants

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