1990 - MACAU : Gate to East

Three years after the revival of JSF, five of six countries of JSF 1990 organised a special show for Christmas in Macau! JSFnet Greece presents a tribute to the organization of Macau as information has gathered from articles and also you can read the government decrees for the Macao event. Finally you can watch a video with spots from this show!

Macau hosted the show after a proposal from the Portuguese Television with the participation of Spain and the team from Jaca, Italy with the team of Bergamo, Portugal with the team from Guimarães, San Marino, ex- Yugoslavia with the team from Trogir and the hosts of the evening , the portuguese colony of Macau (that time)! France despite of particiaption in the edition of 1990 did not take part in this special show!

The theme of the show was "Macau the gate to East" and was held on November 6, 1990 the recording lasted three hours and is the first and only (until now) time that Jeux Sans Frontieres held outside Europe! Read the article in the Italian newspaper L'eco di Bergamo entitled " Occhi... cinesi sugli eurogiochi"

The cost for the organization of Macau was undetaken from the TV of Macau (TDM) in collaboration with the government of Macao. The cost of the show was 18 million patacas (local currency) or approximately 1.5 million euro as read in official results from the "newspaper of the Government of Macao" (p. 2). It was an expensive show, and the title of the article from the Comercio De Macau was "Um sucesso dispendioso" (Portuguese) - "An expensive success"

In the event of Macao, in addition to the six countries was rumoured that Switzerland and Poland will join in the show but finally they didn't take place! Switzerland returned to JSF in 1992 while Poland has never participated but had discussed participation in the event of 1997! The Entrance was free and the spectators who watched live the show were over 2000! The above information is provided in a related article in the newspaper Comercio De Macau, see the newspaper article by clicking here

By Decree N1./GM/90 (p. 19-20) on January 9, 1990, gives the mandate to set up the Organizing Committee of the Christmas special broadcast of JSF 1990 and by Decree Ν 83/GM/90 (p. 27) on July 30, 1990 announced the establishment of the Organizing Committee, while the Order 6/SAAT/90 (pp 32-33) on 22 October 1990, give more authorities to the coordinator of the Organizing Committee. These ordinances can be found on the site of the National Printing Office of Macao.

Television of Macau (TDM) does not broadcast the series over Christmas as the others but almost a week after recording the show on 10 November 1990, read the related article in the newspaper Tribuna di Macau! Many believe that this show was the best - the most spectacular - for JSF the International Committee of eurovision, nominated it as the best show ever!

Some of the games was: 'The grand prize of Macau, where participants must make a race zigzag between obstacles or' boats Dragao where one of the players of the team jumps in rope in the style of a drum fitted on a boat and you can see the related article in the descriptions of the games as published in the newspaper Tribuna de Macau.

Italy and Yugoslavia shared the first place with 46 points, Portugal and San Marino with 34 points finished in third place followed by Spain with 30 points and finally Macao with 20 points!

Watch a video created by Christos Moustakas partner of JSFnet Greece, presenting spots from the edition in Macau!


Sources: LUISNESTOR.COM / Εθνικό Τυπογραφείο του Μακάο

JSFnet Greece, thanks Christos Moustakas for his help!